Job Title: School Psychologist


REPORTS TO: Administrative Director of Exceptional Children Services, Preschool and Mental Health Services




Functions as a psychoeducational consultant to all students through consultation, counseling, assessment, staff development, and program development/evaluation activities.




Acts as a psychoeducational consultant to teachers and other school staff in developing preventive and early intervention strategies for children.


Participates in Admissions and Release Committees both in interpreting assessment results and in planning appropriate programs for individual children, including individual education programs and behavioral intervention planning.


Provides assistance to students who need group or individual counseling.


Accurately administers, scores, and interprets individual assessments and provides, within specified timelines, reports of obtained results in a manner consistent with professional standards and state/district policy.


Leads parent education or training groups.


Serves as a resource to school Principals and other administrative staff on issues of school-level or system-level concern.


Organizes and conducts staff development activities for school personnel.


Participates in the implementation of research and evaluation projects to benefit the District.


Assumes responsibility for the orientation of new school psychologists and school psychology interns or practicum students within the system.


Performs other duties as assigned by the Administrative Director.




Knowledge of:


Kentucky Administrative Regulations governing the assessment of students, and federal/state regulations governing the due process protections of special needs populations.


Assessment tools in all areas of intellectual, academic, behavioral, and personality.


Best practices/research, related to the psychological and behavioral needs of students.


Ability to:


Within assessment guidelines and requirements, administer the necessary assessments to children within the governing timelines.


Effectively and professionally manipulate technology for the purposes of research and report writing, as required.


Communicate research/assessment results to the appropriate staff/agency members for the purposes of designing a student’s specific academic course of study.


To make recommendations as to the eligibility determination of students assessed for disability consideration.


Ability to lift up to 25 pounds.




Master’s Degree with Kentucky Department of Education certification as a school psychologist.


Expertise in psychoeducational consultation and assessment.


Experience in public school systems.


Willingness to review psychological literature and translate into practice.


Training and experience in leading parent groups.


Expertise in group/individual psychological counseling.


Three (3) years of successful professional experience in appropriate areas.


Knowledge of federal and state laws and regulations regarding assessment.


Salary Table 1

Fifteen Extended Days